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Who is Wim Heemskerk?

Wim Heemskerk (1969) enjoyed managing a wholesale business in fruit and vegetables for nineteen years. During this time, he managed to expand the business into a modern and ultra innovative company, active in the food and non-food industries. The company served the Dutch catering industry, institutions and retail companies. In addition to this, the company imported vegetables, fruit and subtropical fruits from many countries all over the world. This resulted in excellent contacts abroad, spanning many years.

Under his management, the company developed several new and innovative food and non-food product lines. These were successfully introduced in the market, often under the company’s own label. Thanks to this rich experience, Wim Heemskerk is perfectly capable of helping entrepreneurs. Businesses in need of consultancy and expert supervision in their product and concept development will find working with him a pleasurable experience. They will also learn how to introduce these products successfully in the market.


Wim Heemskerk can help to find and set up international buying channels and make these future-proof. He has, among other things, excellent contacts in China and South America.

Are you an entrepreneur and in need of broad and reliable expertise? Do you require a knowledgeable party that can help you with start-ups, development and innovation, (re)positioning, restructuring, financial management and developing new concepts?

Wim Heemskerk, CEO of Trading and Solutions, will gladly help you with these and other questions entrepreneurs may struggle with. He provides a fresh outlook and has a hands-on mentality. His experience ranges from starting new businesses and business activities to conceptualising and implementing innovations, sales opportunities and buying channels.

Wim Heemskerk has incorporated his consultancy and innovation activities in Trading and Solutions BV. On this website, you will find more information about his experience, methods and what he can and will do for you. Do you want to meet Wim Heemskerk in person? You will find details to schedule an appointment under the Contact section.


P.O. Box 2060
7301 DB Apeldoorn

T: 0031 6 53 667388
F: 0031 55 3121909

Skype: wim.heemskerk.apeldoorn
FB en LinkedIn: wim heemskerk
Twitter: @freshandadvice
KVK: 57997586

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Wim Heemskerk is an energetic, experienced and knowledgeable consultant. He is a true troubleshooter and an expert in ‘out of the box’ thinking. He is analytical, sharp, critical and independent. He has a large network at his disposal, acts honest and genuine and is able to provide solutions for various problems. Wim Heemskerk’s professional experience helps you to boost your business and get it back on track if needed.

Several wholesale businesses and SME companies Wim Heemskerk has advised and/or worked for/still works for on a temporary basis:

  • VerServer – conceptualising, initiating, starting, organising and expanding an online wholesale business, active in the catering industry and for institutions;
  • ProVersCo – conceptualising, initiating, starting, organising and expanding a wholesale business in fresh foods, active in retail, especially supermarkets;
  • >La Femme – consulting in the process of repositioning and implementation of a new formula for this high end lingerie store, both online and for the store itself;
  • `Gruiten’ Dutch for the combination of Vegetables and Fruit, the Dutch project for vegetables and fruit in schools (schoolfruit). Wim Heemskerk both founded and later consulted the Information Bureau for Food. He transformed the ‘Gruiten’ project into an indispensable way to help children and adults eat healthy for a small amount of money;

  • Pure Amazon – a project with Açai berries in Brazil, including marketing, sales and remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aspects such as employment and education for the local people;
  • Catunambú – a 100 percent Andalusian company that sells Spain’s best coffee from its factories in Seville. Catunambú’s growth has already led to opening offices in other parts of Spain. The brand is expanding in Europe. Wim Heemskerk and importer George Brom both consult to enlarge the brand both B2C and B2B;
  • Little Soho – This fashion webshop is one of the Netherlands’ 25 best. Little Soho distinguishes itself from the competition by continuously offering high quality products. See also:;
  • Trading and Solutions - Trading of A-list brands both in- and outside the Netherlands.

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In the course of the years, Wim Heemskerk has developed and supervised several concepts:

  • Freshweb – innovative wholesale business in the catering industry;
  • VerServer – online wholesale business for fresh products in the catering industry and institutions;
  • ProVersCo – online wholesale business for retail companies, such as supermarkets;
  • Allettante – coffee brand under his own label;
  • Juice concepts – such as super fruit mashed into juice pulp (B2B and B2C);
  • Juicy Details – juice concept situated behind Customs on Schiphol Airport and as a brand-store in Amstelveen among other places;
  • Match 'n Go – non-food volume products with print and logo from China;
  • Free Fruit 4all – also referred to as ‘school fruit’. Free fruit is distributed at schools with the financial aid of businesses. More information can be found on;
  • Vending Solutions – innovative solutions for vending machines;
  • Superfruit - antioxidants, industrial delivery and B2B and B2C solutions.

Wim has also developed and supervised several marketing tools:

  • Briks – CSR project in Brazil, an environment-friendly alternative for burning wood;
  • Innovative processing of waste - This results in tremendous advantages and savings for large companies. Convince yourself by sending for an offer without engagement, in which we can show you discounts up to 50 percent! Surf to Contact and schedule an appointment!

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In addition to consultancy and innovation supervision, Trading and Solutions -as indeed the company’s name suggests- also engages in trading. It imports large quantities of diverse food and non-food products from countries such as China, Brazil, South Africa and Europe. An excellent example is Match 'n Go – non-food volume products, tailor made with their own print and logo, from China;

In addition to this, Trading and Solutions BV can often sell large quantities of A-brand products stemming from overproduction, under specific conditions;

Trading and Solutions BV also engages in export and has 25 years of experience in this field, both within Europe and in countries as Surinam, Panama, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

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By bringing in Wim Heemskerk and his team and using their broad expertise, you ensure a tailor made approach of your specific problem.

Wim Heemskerk works as follows:

A first interview will take place after an appointment is made. During this interview, we will talk about all aspects and details of your business and your specific question or problem will be analysed. After this, more research will take place followed by a written recommendation, a possible approach and an estimate.

After all parties agree, Wim Heemskerk will start to positively lift your company up to another level.

Wim Heemskerk: “I specialize in sales, marketing and management. Not to mention networking! I have at my disposal a large 900 + network in different segments. Please do not hesitate to contact me and in all likelihood I can assist you!”